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"Musipal" is Luke Vibert's fourth album as Wagon Christ and debut forNinja Tune. I've always been a moderate fan of Vibert, I don't listento his music all that much but I buy everything he puts out, listen toit for a week or so, file it away and pull it back out on occasion.This album is much the same as past ones with lots of goofy easylistening mid tempo dance for the party. Super crisp and clean beatsset the electro-hiphop-soul-jazz-funk foundation for numerous sampleanecdotes and melodies. "The Premise" sets the agenda with plentifulspoken samples - 'the premise of this album is, well, the danceactually, dance business, the highest definition ever achieved inrecording'. "Bend Over" features the sped up tale of a young Brit who'scertain he will have to 'bend for it' to get what he wants. "ThickStew" is quite serious at first, that is, until the animal sounds comein. The spoken mantra that gives "It Is Always Now, All of It Is Now"its title is damn near satanic in its distorted repetition. "Boney L"has an extra thick bass line for its mere 2 minutes. "Tomorrow Acid"intensifies the bleep factor while "Perkission" ends the album on amore up-tempo bossa nova tinged rhythm and even more jungle sounds.Yep, "Musipal" is pretty cool. Vibert will be DJing all over the worldthroughout June ...samples: * Boney L * It is Always Now, All of it is Now * The Premise