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So I call Greg Clow inToronto because this Toronto group (The New Deal) happens to be intown: somebody else suggested I check the show out but I figured ifanybody knows my music taste -and- this band, it's got to be Clow.
  "Jonif they're in town, check the show out." I did and was quite pleased.The band only consists of three members: drummer, bass guitarist andkeyboardist. The music the band makes sounds like techno club stylemusic (live progressive breakbeat house they call it). The toolsthey're using to create this are not the midi clock sequencedpre-programmed Roland and Korg toys, but the simpler instruments thathave graced recordings for years and years. The band improvises mostlybut are tight and never seem to lose awareness of each other or thefeel of every song. On sale that night was their full-length CD, "Thisis Live" and their EP, "Live: Portland, Maine".
"This is Live" is calculated and varied. It showcases the band'stalents to write and play beat heavy music with a jazz conscious mind.Downtempo and upeat tunes make the disc interesting enough to listen tofor the entire +70 minutes herein. "Live: Portland, Maine" is theirfirst EP in the live series they're releasing and contains four trackswhich total just over 35 minutes. This CD captures the live sound butthankfully it's a short disc and doesn't get terribly monotonous.Here's a band to watch grow and progress over time to find out justwhat they're planning to do to keep it interesting.