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Second home-made release this week comes from Tulsa, OK?
  Remember listening to what was to bethe final Skinny Puppy insult, 'Last Rites' for the first time, andthat incredible piece called Download that at the end drifted off intoelectronic drones you wished could go on forever? Whether they'reconscious about it or hate Skinny Puppy, I finally feel like this hopehas been somewhat fulfilled with this album. Precious electronic dronesand soundscapes wash over this disc, and unlike other discs of dronea'la electronique, these songs start and end without going on way toolong. Sublime and dreamy, chimes and echoes play wonderful tricks withyour mind late at night with all the lights off. The titles make mecurious, however, with all of them sharing titles with popular classicrock hits of the 70s. It leads me to wonder if the originals providedinspiration or sound source... Drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want a copy all your own.