The Legendary Pink Dots

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This website was created by Jon Whitney and is now maintained by Kris Nelson and Eyal Talmor.

Many thanks to the following people for their help:

All past, present, and future members of The Legendary Pink Dots, all members of the Cloud-Zero mailing list, Lisa Amend, Carter Adams, David Arnould, Dominic Audy, John Beck, Nick Bonse, Steve Burnett, Aaron Campbell, Francois Carrier, Greg Clow, Andy Cowell, Lukas Dabrowski, Maxwell Edison, Ed Erwin, Alan Ezust, Erik Gibbels, Andy Gowans, Fredrik Josefsson, Poppy Kimono, Eric Lanzillotta, John Luhman, Brad Lynham, Ninah Pixie, James Pomeroy, Charles Powne, Ronald, Lars Tangmark, Meng Weng Wong, Anna Zachou.


The Legendary Pink Dots
Postbus 38253
6503 AG Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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