The Legendary Pink Dots

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Albums and Singles

Seconds Late For The Brighton Line2010CD
Plutonium Blonde2008CD
The Legendary Pink Dots (5xLP box)2007LPx5
Key Club, West Hollywood, Los Angeles 14/11/20022007DVD-R
Your Children Placate You from Premature Graves2006CD
Alchemical Playschool2006CD/10"x2
A Dream is a Dream is a Dream2005DVD
Crushed Mementos2004CD
Singe Während Du Bist2004CD-R
The Whispering Wall2004CD
Poppy Variations2004CD/LPx2
The Eye Volume 8342004DVD-R
A Guide To... Vol. 2: Psychedelic Classics and Rarities2003CDx2+DVD
I Did Not Inhale2003CD
All the King's Men2002CD/LPx2
All the King's Horses2002CD/LPx2
Caciocavallo reissue collection2002CDx10
El Kaleidoscopo Terminal2002CD/LP
Chemical Playschool Volume 11, 12 & 132001CDx3
A Guide To... Vol 1: The Best Ballads2000CD/CS
A Perfect Mystery2000CD/LPx2
Farewell, Milky Way2000CD
Пой Пока Можешь1999CD
Live at the Metro1999CD
Live at La Luna1998VHS/DVD
Nemesis Online1998CD/LPx2
The Pre-Millennial Single1998CDEP/12"
Chemical Playschool 101997CD
Stained Glass Soma Fountains1997CDx2
Hallway of the Gods1997CD/LPx2
Under Triple Moons1997CD
Live '891997CD-R
Live '85-'881997CD-R
Ancient Daze1997CD-R/CD/LPx2
Lullabies for the New Dark Ages1996CDx4/LPx4
Canta Mientras Puedas1996CD
Remember Me This Way1996CDEP
It's Raining in Heaven1996LP/CD
Chemical Playschool Volumes 8 & 91995CDx2
From Here You'll Watch the World Go By1995CD
9 Lives to Wonder1994CD/LPx2
Tryst 71994CS
Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2)1993CD/LP/CS
Shadow Weaver1992CD/LP/CS
The Maria Dimension1991CD/LP/CS
Live at Centralino, 15.2.1987, Torino, Italy1991CS
Der Aussiedler19907"/12"
Princess Coldheart199012"
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse1990CD/LP/CS
Four Days1990CS/CD
Greetings 91989LP/CD
The Legendary Pink Box1989LPx3/CDx2
The Golden Age1989CD/LP/CS
Live in Dallas - April 20, 19891989VHS
Traumstadt 51989CS
Traumstadt 41988CS
Traumstadt 31988CS
Traumstadt 21988CS
Traumstadt 11988CS/CD
Stone Circles1988LP/CD/CS
Any Day Now1988LP/CS/CD
Under Glass198812"
Premonition 1119877"
Island of Jewels1986LP/CS/CD
Curious Guy198612"
The Terminal Kaleidoscope1985CS/CD
Prayer for Aradia1985CS/CD
The Lovers1984LP/CD
The Tower1984LP/CD
Faces in the Fire198412"/CD/CS
Chemical Playschool 3+41983CSx2
Atomic Roses1982CS
Brighter Now1982CS/LP/CD
Chemical Playschool 2 (edition 2)1982CS
Kleine Krieg1981CS
Dots on the Eyes1981CS
Chemical Playschool 1+21981CSx2
Only Dreaming1981CS

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