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This has been trimmed down from the previous incarnation of the Web site. Reviews and press releases pertaining to specific releases are now being collected in the music section in the individual entries.


All Music Guide (2006) by Steve Huey
A 20 Year History (2000), by Edward Ka-Spel
Rough Guide to Rock (1999), by Richard Fontenoy
A 10 Year History (October 1991), by Steve Hill
Trouser Press (1991), by Ira Robbins

Interviews & Articles

Alternative Press, March 1989, by Mike Shea
Melody Maker, 1990
Alternative Press, November 1991, by Stacy Sanner
Ptolemaic Terrascope, September 1991, by Nick Saloman
Puncture, January 1992 by Jacqueline Jouret
Seattle Weekly, November 19, 1998
Silencer WebZine, 1997 reviewing a bunch of 1997 releases
Interview at Seventh Street Entry, Alberta, Canada, 1997, by S. Arden Hill & Matthew Stephan
Artefact Magazine, 1998 (translated from French)
Asylem Magazine, December 1995, by Nisus
Asylem Magazine, September 1997, by Nisus
B-side magazine, Oct/Nov 91, by Bill Lamorey
Last Sigh, 1997, by Kim Alexander and Michael Lund
Cleveland Ohio, October 27, 1995, by the Evolution Control Committee
Live in Enger, 1997, by W. Kabsch
Fat Ear Magazine, December 1990, by Hans Dresden
Freq E-Zine, December 1998, by Antron S. Meister
Kansas City, July 23 1991, by Christus
1991 tour, by Aaron Ross and Christian Atrocity
Interface Magazine, 1997 by Michael Estabrook
Rad Cyberzine, 1995 by Squid
Machine Power, Winter 1992, with Silverman
Phone Interview, May 12 1993, Madison WI, by Mo Elnuaimy and Alan Ezust
Melody Maker, January 18 1992
Montreal Mirror Magazine, May 20 1993, by Chris Yurkiw
Option Magazine, 1987
Permission Magazine, 1993, by Jayson Elliot
Portland Oregon, May 5 1993, by Ivan Drucker
Snowdonia Magazine, 1987, translated from Italian
Spiral Scratch Magazine, September 1991
Starvox, 1999, by Matt Heilman
Toronto, Nov 16 1993, by Greg Clow
Washington DC, nov 2 1995
WZBC Radio, Newton MA, May 2000, by Jon Whitney

Articles Elsewhere | Legendary Pink Dots Want R2-D2
Perfect Sound Forever, Interview with Edward Ka-Spel by Andrew Grypa (November 1998)
(If these links go out of date, let us know.)

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